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Protecting What’s Yours

Are You A Renter Living In An Apartment, Condo or House?

You Need Specialized Protection For The Things You Own.

  • You assume your landlord’s insurance plan covers your things.
  • NO it Does Not!
  • Rental insurance is inexpensive.
  • Do not underestimate the value of your belongings.
  • Make sure your protected in the event the unforeseen happens.

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Renters Insurance Guards Your Home and Possessions

Rental insurance protects your possessions it repairs or replaces your things if the unforeseen happens. These policies usually cover items like electronics, furniture and, appliances, as well as home contents, like clothing.

Renters can have thousands of dollars worth of property and liability insurance at minimal cost. Majority of renters do not have this very important coverage.

Anyone who has experienced a fire, smoke damage, windstorm, vandalism or theft,  knows how those kinds of events can damage your home or apartment. This kind of loss can put a financial strain on your family’s budget.  In addition, a liability lawsuit can cause further financial strain on your family. With affordable Renter Insurance in place, losses like these don’t have to become a burden on you or your family.

We Can Help You Protect Your Belongings.

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